Bay Island Woodworks

Dedicated to bringing custom-designed, handcrafted and exquisitely carved Genuine Mahogany doors and furniture to the most discerning customers.

Wood. Working As Art.

  • Who is Bay Island Woodworks? We are a master carpenter, a renowned woodcarver, and classically trained Honduran woodworkers who have come together to transform Genuine Honduran Mahogany and other exotic hardwoods into functioning works of art. We live and work in the Bay Islands, where we elaborately carve and handcraft doors and furniture. Each piece is museum-quality and built to last a century or more.

  • Every product is custom-designed, handcrafted, and made with love. We use the finest aged Honduran Mahogany for its rich color and stability. We hand- assemble each piece with exceptionally strong old-world joinery. Then we carefully sand, stain, and seal the door by hand, polishing it to a lustrous, sherry brown finish. We’re perfectionists, putting our hearts and souls into every product. No factory-made door can compare.

  • Each panel is carved by a renowned Honduran master woodcarver. Whether he perfectly replicates an image provided or works from just an idea, he creates an original woodcarving that is unsurpassed in its precision and realistic detail. His talent, hands, and artistry are the pride of Bay Island Woodworks. Our products are unmatched in their craftsmanship. They’re designed for people who will accept nothing less.

  • Woodworking and woodcarving are among Honduras’ most revered cultural traditions. Honduran Mahogany, Swietenia macrophylla, is one of the few wood species that can be called Genuine Mahogany, considered the world’s best for fine furniture. We use only authentic Honduran Mahogany and other exotic hardwoods in our products, made by Hondurans who know this wood better than anyone. We’re creating not simply doors or furniture, but heirlooms.

  • Our products are made by people, not machines. We deeply respect our Honduran craftsmen and their families. Our work benefits the economy of Honduras and preserves the culture of the people. We also respect the Central American ecosystem by practicing sustainable wood sourcing and reforesting timberland. It’s our privilege to nurture the people and natural resources of this land. We believe both will flourish for generations.

The Masters